Garinagu in Seine Bight Village believe that unhappy ancestral spirits cause bad things to happen to people, such as making them sick, to get their attention: By Benjamin E. Palacio - Seine Bight Village Garifuna Historian and Webmaster. The purpose of the dŁgŁ is to appease the ancestors, to make them happy, and to heal the living of illnesses and other adversities. Seine Bight Village, Land of Garinagu and the intelligent garifuna of Belize. Seine Bight is a Garifuna village, with a population of about 600. There are several facilities for tourism, including an artist, Lola Delgado. Learn more of the local culture such as WASABAHARI. Four miles north of Seine Bight is the community of Maya Beach. There are several small resorts, eating spots and homes for about forty individuals.

The peninsula is not very wide, perhaps a quarter mile wide at the widest point just North of Seine Bight. The vegetation varies from Coastal plants : Coconuts, Sea Grape, Coco Plum, Cashew and Mango trees along the beach to the Red Mangrove along the Lagoon's edge. In between there is coastal scrub forest with small Oak trees and other deciduous trees, and in the wetter areas are Palmetto stands.

There are many animals on the peninsula from birds to small mammals. The mammals range from The Gray Fox and Raccoon to the small Yucatan Squirrel and Opossum. There have been over 85 species of birds observed on the Peninsula. Watch in the trees for Iguanas, False Iguanas, and the curious Basilisk lizards. Near many of the houses are small Gecko lizards and Tree frogs.

The history of humans living on the peninsula ranges back to at least 500 AD. when the Maya used the sheltered water of the Lagoon for coastal shipping and to produce salt for trade. This was followed by a colony of Puritan Protestants. The fishing village of Point Placencia and Seine Bight, as we now know them, were settled in the early to mid 19th century.

The name Rum Point appears on early charts of Belize. It is believed that the name arose due to the desire of some of the early settlers of Point Placencia to escape the rigors of Puritan Protestantism. To this day small pieces of English clay pipes as well as rum and wine bottles from that era surface on the shallow sea bottom in front of Rum Point Inn, thus making it a historical site. Some of these artifacts are currently on display in the bar.

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The road continues north about six more miles before turning west at the settlement of Riversdale to go inland to the Southern Highway. Across the lagoon from Point Placencia is the deep water port of Big Creek, which is the banana shipping capital of Belize. The support village of Independence and surrounding area has a population of almost 4000 people, mainly Mestizo and Creole along with some migrants from the surrounding countries, who have come to work and live in Belize.